The Demon, the Hero, and the Secret of the Stones - by A. E. Kincaid

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Iowa Author

Morally gray is the new black.

Our duo is back, and their continuing quest to fix the Stone of Eno and close the Underworld portal has brought them to the doorstep of a dragon. With the help of a sempiternal barkeep and a fire-breathing ally, they may finally have a working plan to solve both problems. After a detour to the city of Slopecastle, a prissy, headstrong princess helps them find a way to bind the stone! Once they get it to the Forest of Arden, their quest will be at an end. Probably.

However, with Mal and Reg, things rarely go according to plan. Mal's evil demon brother is still on the loose, it's impossible to know who to trust, and, unbeknownst to them, there's a bounty on their heads. When an unavoidable trial brings them back to Reg's hometown of Beadledom, their journey hits an all-time low. Will their remarkably poor track record with the people of Widdershins prevent them from completing their quest? Will a stunning secret about the stones set them free? Or will the arrival of Tannith doom them all?

In this new adult twist on the classic humorous fantasy adventure novel, Kincaid continues to pit her ill-suited main characters against one another to hilarious effect.