Local Authors
Will you stock my book?

First of all, thank you for your interest in The Nook! We are proud to support local authors and are happy that we’re able to share your books with the community. 

Our definition of a “local author” is someone who lives in primarily Cedar Falls or in Iowa. 

We work with a very limited shelf space in our store and we receive a large number of requests for local author submissions, so unfortunately we are not able to stock every book that is submitted to us. Though we greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out our form!

We read every submission that we receive. However, due to limited staff time, we are unable to respond to all submissions. You will hear from us if we decide to stock your book!

Stocking new books in the store is a huge investment and risk on our end. A few different factors play into our decision on which books to stock:

  1. Would your book make a good fit for our store? The first factor we use to help make our decision is whether the book will sell and if our customers would enjoy it. It helps if you're continuously marketing your book and if people in the community know where to find it.
  2. How easy it is to obtain. We carry thousands of books in our store, so it makes it a little difficult to keep track of every single one. We prefer to stock books that are easily obtained through our regular book distribution channels.
  3. Quality of the book. The physical appearance, quality of writing, and editing are very important factors.
Will you host my book signing / author event?

Please reach out to Maggie at thenookevents.cf@gmail.com with your submission/request for a book signing or event. 

Right now we are only able to host events for books that we currently stock in our store. If we don’t already stock your book, please go through our “Will you stock my book?” process first (listed above)!