The Demon, the Hero, and the War for Widdershins - by A. E. Kincaid

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Iowa Author

Join our unlikely heroes as they face off against ferocious demons, travel through dangerous realms, and redefine the "art" of war.

Widdershins is on the brink of seizure by Mal's supremely evil brother. Come the solstice-it may fall forever under demon rule. With its fate hanging in the balance, Mal and Reg are on their way to obtain the final ingredient they need to close the Underworld portal once and for all.

But with their terrible track record for success, and their topside friends in trouble, things are not looking good. When they lose every advantage they'd managed to scrape together-they have to decide if it's time to give up, or time to go to war.

Featuring a cast of unforgettable characters, witty humor, and heart-pumping action, this book is a must-read for anyone who loves a daring adventure with a cozy fantasy twist. Whether you're a fan of demons, heroes, or just good storytelling, "The Demon, the Hero, and the War for Widdershins" is sure to leave you with a stitch in your side and a tear in your eye.

"A.E. Kincaid delivers the perfect finish to a thoroughly hilarious and entertaining series. I cheered every time a beloved character returned to join the fray. Long live Reg and Mal!" Scott McCormick, author of The Dragon Squisher